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About Willstrong
Being curious, the major motivation for obtaining knowledge and active learning, which is also the yearning for wonderful things. Walking into the space created by WILLSTRONG®, to experience the dialogue between the material and space, and discover and feel a future scene.
September, the rainy season in Ethiopia, the climate is more appropriate with fresh air. In September, local people just spent their new year, and happiness and joy remained on their face. Enthusiasm and simplicity favored this most primitive land on earth. Human beings and nature are also interpreting magnificent scenes.
Located in the coastal area of Beirut, the Beirut Exhibition Center which designed by L.E.E.T Architects is classic modern cultural building situated in the waterfront area of Lebanon. The design perfectly responds to the “ever-changing” venue, and brings the picture of the city skyline a new gorgeous image. Its high-level architecture culture and ever-changing design of curtain wall have won admiration of professional designers and publics.